Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Significant Bugfix Update 0.12.935 - October 13th 2014

- Make countryside fountains only useable once
- Cleanse quests seem to be a bit broken sometimes...
- Check for accidental doubleclick when entering stairs in dungeons.
- Hunt quest monster numbers don't always match description. Says 1 but means 2 or 3.
- Make stairs up/down not so pedantic with clicks.
- Using a town portal can change a tomb tileset to a dungeon tileset.
- Collect quests only show top listed item when looting. Should show all types.
- Missing disarmed magical trap texture.
- Fix torch exploit.
- Fix block graphic glitch near dungeons in countryside.
- Hunt quests can generate with a monster called "0".
- Goblin dice is too easy to win. Needs more randomization and pattern-detection.
- Tomb wall segment texture glitch?
- Move bone texture asset number to avoid crossing with magic trap disarm texture.
- Quests should only ever generate for the current map segment, even after teleportation.
- Gazetteers not working correctly?
- Farms not revealing surrounds correctly?

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