Thursday, December 7, 2017

Minor Update 0.14.407 - December 7th 2017

- Fixed issue with spellbook not displaying spells correctly
- Weapon quality arrows now show correctly on Blacksmith sell screens
- While raining, the rain should no longer stop animating at times (except while loading new countryside chunks)
- Enchanted weapons and armour which have a trap placement effect should no longer create issues by placing traps in squares already containing traps
- Shift-hover text for Gazetteers in the general store has been fixed
- Fixed significant issue regarding clicking to disarm mechanical traps in the presence of a monster. Fixing this issue was linked to an intrinsic screen click location issue which has now been rectified, fixing several other issues
- Missing hover-info for certain gem types on loot screens has been fixed
- Character sheet stats should now correctly add to - roughly - 100%
- Issue with permanent ambient sounds changing volume during floor swaps or portal travel, particularly with regards to torches, has been rectified
- Storms weren't happening anymore, and this has been fixed because storms are awesome
- The carry-over click issue from door openings have been fixed
- Fixed issue where game would check for nearby enemies when clicking on an already disarmed trap
- Added feature where map marker will flash to better see where player is standing
- Fixed issue causing traps to spawn in places which would block doorways
- Fixed issue where permadeath corpse data would leak into dungeon save data, causing ghost corpses
- Added a gem bag rectifier to fix 'ghost gem' issue which was taking up gem bag slots
- Modified 'ready spell' text in GUI to truncate long names, making things look nicer
- Fixed intrinsic issue with depositing/withdrawing gems from the bank. This fix led to several other issues being fixed in the process

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