Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Update 0.11.740 - 22nd December 2013

- Add low detail setting mode to allow slower PCs to run the game smoother 
- Shaderless mode enable button inverted
- Torchlight not working in shaderless mode
- Illegal image reference in town maps in shaderless mode
- Dungeon lighting broken in shaderless mode
- Countryside monsters cause game crash in shaderless mode
- Various shaderless bugs
- Can't enter mines in shaderless mode
- Light spell not working in shaderless mode
- Strange flickering in towns
- Traps aren't visible enough in shaderless mode
- Windmill textures are incorrect in shaderless mode
- Countryside 'corpse' loot containers have destroy corpse button which doesn't work
- Loading screens should show Beta message
- Greenlight icon no longer needs to be on main menu
- Disarmed magical traps are incorrectly textured
- Pre-load skybox images in shaderless mode to avoid small loading pause
- Incorrect rendering of alpha mapped textures on cities in shaderless mode
- Storms disabled in shaderless mode
- New console command SHOWALL to help diagnose missing wall segment bug
- Updated help screen to explain that you can hit escape
- Fixed sky update code within towns when using shaderless mode
- Optimized skybox art refresh rate for instantaneous skybox updates

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