Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Update 0.10.700 - 31st October 2013

- Spell effect indicators can rarely cause missing image crashes
- Some monster corpses don't get removed! 
- Make Aviaries functional  (quick travel)
- Crash on gryphon travel map borders
- Traveling to a town via a gryphon will sometimes place you inside of the town's walls
- Travel drops should be restricted on gryphon travel to prevent dropping off the edge of a world segment
- Implement town portal and chaos portal functionality
- Portal location variables not resetting when starting a new game
- Map is horizontally flipped on gryphon travel map
- Crash when casting spells at monsters
- Crash when looting chests
- Monsters can't walk through mega chests
- Time of day is always noon when portalling to a town
- Player is placed incorrectly in countryside when leaving town after portalling
- Add town portal relics to towns
- Portal icons don't show correctly on dungeon map
- Portals operate via clicking now, rather than via the console
- Complete town portal system
- Increase frequency of portals in dungeons
- Mega chests shouldn't have massive multiples of similar items
- Immediage map is horizontally mirrored
- Biome map is horizontally mirrored
- World map is horizontally mirrored
- Minimap flipped correctly (though still not quite right...)
- Testers should be able to turn clipping off in the countryside
- Tower graphic on minimap appears incorrectly
- When flying a gryphon to a city, the player can get trapped inside of the city
- Selection cursor square is offset on gryphon travel map in widescreen mode
- Escape key should be able to be used to elevate magnification levels and eventually leave gryphon map
- Using a gryphon to fly to a town causes the game to lock up
- Clicking cancel on gryphon map when trying to travel results in stray clicks
- When quick-travelling to town, game can crash with out of bounds error
- Gryphon map scroll button hit areas are misaligned in widescreen mode
- Can scroll past edges of gryphon map while zoomed
- Moving mouse along edge of gryphon map can cause a crash
- Messages need to show when you can't use a gryphon option

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