Sunday, June 30, 2013

Major Update 0.08.601 - 1st July 2013

- Add new shop type "Cartographer"
- Re-code shop distribution system
- Blacksmiths are selling either armour OR weapons, should be mixed
- Attack Spells are far too expensive
- Music levels too high after leaving farm
- Chest loot wiping is happening again
- Health and Mana scrolls way too cheap
- Add ability to half expected frame rate in console
- Torches creating a strange flicker for some users sometimes
- Change colour of map borders
- Quest locations being allocated to adjacent squares to where they're supposed to be?
- Cartographer not actually taking your money?
- Rain effects breaking and freezing rarely
- New loading screens added
- Better randomization for countryside music choices
- Invisible walls still present in mines
- Fireball not damaging enemies?
- No explosion sound on fireball impact? 
- Auto-clicks happening on guard tower and farm menus
- Add mute all function to console
- Add subtle critical hit message
- Add 1 square knock-back to critical hits
- NPCs in towns are now a bit more animated
- XP bar not working correctly?
- Add more NPC varieties
- Fixed new NPC issues
- Redundant destroy corpse button on countryside corpses
- Critical hits should give large damage boost dependent on player stats
- Players can sleep underwater!
- Potions can stack in piles of 5 at a time
- General store will buy small and med potions, but not large? No prices showing up for potions? Perhaps check code to update with sizing information?
- Guard towers should allow you to re-stock arrows
- Permadeath should be default option when starting a new game
- Added rejuvenation potions (small, medium and large) which replenish both health and mana
- Show guide box around name entry field
- Rejuvenation potions not working properly
- Incorrect labelling with SHIFT-HOVER of mana potions
- Incorrect labelling with SHIFT-HOVER of rejuvenation potions
- Add thieves guild training
- Add Mages Guilds
- Add mages guild training
- Strange flash when turning to face east or west in towns using keyboard turning
- Add Fighters Guilds
- Add fighters guild training 

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