Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quick fix 0.07.532 - May 26th 2013

- Magic cast sounds playing in town despite spells not casting?
- Add popup message to temples explaining that you can only enter the alchemy menu when you have at least 3 different ingredients.
- Revealing overlapping segments causing issues?
- Torches still occasionally not working? Perhaps do a clear of all light assets for torch upon using torch?
- Need more thorough clear of data (particularly map data) when starting new game
- Monsters should attack you immediately after having sleep interrupted in countryside
- Can increase time in towns by moonwalking into walls
- Fixed issue with asking for gold from Al-aeks
- Farms are now labelled on your map, to prevent confusion
- Revealing overlapped segments creates reproduction of current greater world segment map into new segment.
- Getting directions from a farm that was found by getting directions from another farm causes ghost locations to appear?

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