Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Minor Update 0.14.289 - November 30th 2016

- Al-aeks' speech no longer gets cut off when opting to be whisked away
- Boss monster heal spells are no longer over-powered
- Player can now withdraw items on pages 6 and above from the bank
- Quest dungeons now truncate correctly to the appropriate number of floors for the quest difficulty without leaving behind ghost data
- Destroying a spell disc (rather than disassembling it) no longer creates ghost gems in your bag
- Magic swirl and level glow effects now show correctly in boss chests
- 'Dungeon Cleared' message no longer appears repeatedly after clearing a dungeon
- Dimension stone deposit screen now correctly shows item enchantment information
- Boss monsters can no longer create "chain freeze" effects, effectively locking a player in place and killing them
- Size 3 diamond and stone crystals should no longer generate in-game
- All ghost data from previously explored dungeons will now flush accurately when receiving a new quest for that dungeon
- Fixed issue causing duplicate items to spawn while using the banks
- Fixed issue where items would go missing on their way to the bank after being auto-deposited
- Increased size of gem bag from 100 slots to 200
- Fixed rare hard crash when looting some boss corpses
- Fixed issue causing bosses to sometimes drop unnamed or incorrectly named spells
- Added a 'destroy gem' button to the player's gem bag screen
- Fixed it so player can now barter in the Thieves Den
- Fixed bug where torches were free in Thieves Den
- Fixed bug where placing a higher level, magical bow into a dimension stone caused a hard crash
- Fixed engine so it wouldn't spawn empty monster corpses at the end of a particularly difficult fight
- Fixed bug in Thieves Den where trap locks could make all the spells free
- Fixed data corruption issues surrounding weapon data on player corpses for permadeath characters
- Fixed bug wherein monsters got to hit the player twice while they were standing in a doorway (the monster, not the player)
- Fixed price scaling for weapons and armour at higher levels
- Fixed gem collection steam achievement glitch
- Player can now use mouse clicks to skip forward while talking to Al-aeks, rather than having to press a key
- Cleanse quests now always recognise correctly when they have been completed
- Corrected inconsistency of data on death report regarding level reached
- Once a dungeon has been cleared, going to the "up" ladder now asks the player if they would like to leave the dungeon entirely
- Fixed bug surrounding rarity data of Werewolf Hair
- Fixed bug where the wrong NPC name would show up in NPC dialog screens

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