Saturday, September 7, 2013

Major Update 0.09.655 - 7th September 2013

- Al-Aeks shouldn't let you run off without talking to him. Too many new players are ignoring him and then getting confused.
- New memory allocation optimization system
- Fixes to memory allocation optimization system
- Blacksmiths should not buy food
- Magic shops should not buy food
- General store shows a hover price for rejuvenation potions when it shouldn't
- Only allow one of each name on Permadeath Leaderboard
- Severe crash missing object error in towns
- Permadeath Leaderboard should show which characters are alive and which are dead
- NPCs using the wrong voices sometimes?
- Strange ghost sprites appearing and not going away in the top-left corner while in dungeons?
- Eating food can put you over max health
- Testers shouldn't have to talk to Al-aeks when starting a new game
- Allow haggling at temples
- Allow haggling at guard towers
- Chests mysteriously 'locking', leaving them unable to be opened
- Occasional crash during combat after new container code
- Volume of ambient music boosts after leaving guard towers
- Can't sell arrows at blacksmith
- Add "end of dungeon" mega-chests  
- Low level players should naturally find more gold
- Riskier fights should generate better equipment as loot
- Complete end-of-level chest functionality
- Potential fatal crash when looting
- Potential zero object reference crash
- Optimize loot found in end-of-level chests
- Make smaller potions cheaper
- Remove over-powered XPboost enchantment (it wrecks the game!)
- No "I can't" sound in magic shops when not enough gold
- Giant bug fix with the whole demo mode thing 
- Ankh segments cannot be removed from chests
- Ankh segments have no descriptive text in chests and mega-chests
- Closing mega-chests upsets the player's UI
- Potential crash when selecting monsters
- Potential crash when opening mega-chests
- Some monsters have no loot when you kill them!
- Al-aeks should give you slightly better weapons and armour
- Player leaderboard exploit found
- Crash happening when looting a corpse with a monster adjacent

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